DELF B2 Oral Test

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"Get ready for DELF B2 Oral in just 10 hours."


I'm Jean a graduate French teacher specialized in exam preparation.

For more than 11 years I helped more than 2000 learners to succeed DELF!

I'm the author of 20+ French methods that helped thousands of students worldwide.

  • Graduate teacher
  • Specialized in Exam preparation
  • 2000+ students
  • 11 years experience
  • Author of 20+ methods

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To Succeed DELF B2

Increase Your Chances To Succeed!

What you can get by following this method?

Organized Content

A step by step process to help you understand what examiners expect from you.

Straight To The Point

I don't teach you French, I teach you how to succeed DELF B2 Speaking Test!


Get trained by a certified French Tutor with more than 10 years of experience.

Give Yourself A Better Chance

Speaking French is not Enough to Reach B2 Level !

Know Exactly What The Examiners Expect

Succeeding the DELF is not only about knowing how to speak French. Learn Exactly what the examiners expect!

Use Tips To Get A Better Score

There are tips to get a better score. If you use them you will improve your chances to succeed!

Are you ready to take the DELF B2 exam?

This method is for you if your level in French is close from B2. This course is not about learning French.

This course is about succeeding the DELF B2 Oral Test!

Don’t just take my word for it...

I've trained thousands of people all around the world. Here's what they have to say:

For the last few weeks, we’ve been working on DELF B2 preparation, specifically production orale. I’ve been preparing each presentation 30 minutes, as during the DELF. This course has been helpful and insightful. Jean has been extraordinarily helpful in general with my DELF preparation; in fact he gave me a bit of advice that has helped me double my scores on listening comprehension! Many thanks.

Tamber, USA

I feel really prepared for the DELF B2 on Thursday. Thanks Jean!

Jay, Singapore

I’m so glad to tell you that I’ve got the test results and I’ve already passed the test!!!!

Thank you so much for your help, I wouldn't have passed the test without you. Thank you, thank you very much! You’re the best.

Katie, Vietnam

Wonderful course. I'm taking the exam of b2. This course was super useful to me. I really recommend this one.

Rob, Germany

I don't teach you French, I teach you to succeed!

Your access also includes:

  • A step by step process
  • Unseen tips and advice
  • Presentation examples
  • Exercises to practice
  • 10 Sample Tests



Structures that will match any topic

A list of structures that will match any topic of DELF B2


2 secrets to ace Production Ecrite

2 important things to know to get a better score for the written part


The ultimate technique to speak with confidence

All my students say that this technique improved amazingly their confidence!


The best idioms and expressions to use to impress the examiners

Impress the examiners by using these common idioms and expressions!


Know the tricks of examiners for the debate part.

Stay confident even for the debate part!


Get a live correction of one Production Ecrite

A correction of one production écrite in video!

And much more!

The value of all this is: $299

DELF B2 Production Orale - 10 Hours To Succeed

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100% Guarantee

If you follow step by step what I teach you in this method, if you do all the exercises, you will definitely succeed!

However, if you don't pass the DELF B2 Test because the oral part is your weakest, you'll get a FREE simulation practice with with me.


Is this for you?

This method is for you if your level in French is close from B2 or if you are preparing to pass B2

It is also for you if you failed B2 because of the oral part.

However, this method is not for you if you want to learn French. I teach you to succeed B2 exam. If you intend to learn French grammar, vocab or prepare for another exam, this method is not for you.

Will it work for me?

If you are committed and follow step by step what I teach you in this method, if you do all the exercises, you will definitely succeed.

How does the guarantee work

Easy. Send me your B2 grades and we will schedule a lesson together.